Railway reminiscences

Rose-tinted spectacles generally offer nostalgia but not a lot of insight. Was yesterday's railway really better than the one we endure today? What's undeniable is that it served more places and employed more people; it was much cheaper too. And it earned a place in our consciousness because of the role it played in community life.

Society has changed beyond recognition since the railway's heyday; so too have the prevailing cultures. These stories will take you back to an era of misty windows, smoking compartments, porters and paper destination labels.
Former fireman Bob Barnett recalls his near-death experience in the hell-hole of Bradley Hill Tunnel.
Roger Hepworth describes the scene as travellers gather for an excursion to taste some East Coast delights.
Roger Hepworth revisits his childhood to recall the sights and sounds of the train ride to Dewsbury on market day.
Roger Hepworth remembers peering out of his window as morning commuters board the London train.

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