Bere Alston - Tavistock
Opened 1890 Company Plymouth Devonport & SW Jnc
Closed 1968 Miles
Cost £18.5M BCR 3.5

West Devon Borough Council has allocated two sites to the south-west of Tavistock for development by 2026 - one for 750 dwellings and a second of 13 hectares for employment. Included in this will be a range of community facilities such as a new primary school, relocated hospital, neighbourhood centre and open space.

The development, undertaken by the Kilbride Group, will justify the reconstruction of the former Bere Alston-Tavistock line to improve connections to Plymouth. It is anticipated that 16 trains per day would use the route, cutting travel time to around half-an-hour, 10 minutes shorter than a typical car journey and 40 minutes quicker than the bus.

A footpath and cycle route would also be built, sharing the trackbed for much of its route.


The reopening has been a long held aspiration of West Devon Borough Council (WDBC) and Devon County Council (DCC) although, until now, it has not been progressed.

There are some local concerns about the proposed housing development which is directly linked to the rail scheme.

Route Status

The basic infrastructure is largely intact and its ownership has been transferred to Devon County Council.

Project Status

Since the start of its involvement in 2007, Kilbride Community Rail (KCR) has worked with WDBC and DCC to establish a way forward. This has involved monthly meetings of a joint steering group. KCR is now leading the proposal to move forward with the reinstatement.

In 2008, structural surveys were undertaken by White Young Green and a business case developed. An updated version of this was published by Jacobs in October 2010. Some vegetation clearance has already been undertaken on the trackbed, together with drainage work in Shillamill Tunnel.

Developing the Transport and Works Act Order and for the DfT to review it, undertaking a public enquiry and exercising any CPO (Compulsory Purchase Order) powers is likely to take around 28 months. Construction would take an estimated 9-12 months.

Name Bere Alston - Tavistock (Kilbride Group)
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