Cheadle Tunnel

(All photos © TheNewMendoza)

The section of line between Totmonslow to Cheadle, including a 978-yard tunnel, opened on New Year’s Day 1901. It served communities on the route plus a couple of local collieries.

The tunnel caused headaches from day one, being prone to cracking and movement. On 3rd November 1918 a significant collapse occurred. This was repaired and strengthening rings installed through much of its middle section. But in 1930 with problems persisting, its new owners, the London Midland & Scottish Railway, decided to construct a deviation, taking the route on an easterly alignment around the hill.

Draycott Colliery continued to be served by the section of line heading into Cheadle from the north portal. The branch’s southern section was abandoned. The last train passed through the tunnel on 26th November 1933, since which time the tunnel has collapsed again.

During the 1980s, mine workings were opened just inside the southern entrance. These operated for eight years, closing in 1991.

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